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Robotic Surgery

May 2023

The term Robotic Surgery can be misleading, as the majority of currently available systems lack programmability or autonomy. At present, the term primarily pertains to remote systems utilized for soft-tissue surgery, enabling the remote execution of advanced endoscopic procedures. It is important to note that the surgeon remains the active participant in the surgical process, operating in a master-slave configuration interacting with the robotic device to carry out the procedure

Numerous companies have devoted significant efforts over the years to develop diverse solutions in the field of robotic surgery, resulting in the introduction of various devices for clinical utilization. The details?

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J Granell
Robotic Surgeon

Whether you are a medical professional seeking in-depth knowledge or an individual interested in expanding your understanding, whether you seek to explore the nuances of robotic surgical systems, understand their benefits, or stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, this website serves as a resource for gaining a deeper understanding of this rapidly evolving field.

Soft-tissue robotic surgery systems

Zeus was the first device for clinical use. Its development was cut in favour of the da Vinci after the acquisition of Computer Motion by Intuitive.

Medtronic finally launched the Hugo RAS with instruments similar to those of the da Vinci but some different solutions.

The Medrobotics Flex was the first device specially designed for the transoral approach.

For years the leading system with a vast clinical experience already accumulated across different surgical specialities.

Versius, from Cambridge Medical Robotics (CMR) also splits the arms in individual modules and displays an open console.

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