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Jornada de cirugía robótica HURJC

Formato híbrido: presencial y virtual (Teams) Estimados compañeros, el próximo jueves 2 de febrero de 2023, en el contexto de los actos por 10º aniversario de la inauguración de Hospital Universitario Rey Juan Carlos, el Comité de Cirugía Robótica ha organizado una Jornada de Cirugía Robótica, que conmemora, en la misma línea, el inicio del…

Retropharyngeal carotid artery

The retropharyngeal internal carotid artery (ICA) is a relatively common finding in the ENT office. It is an anatomical variation which implies specific risks and challenges in some surgical situations. In fact, it was defined as a contraindication for TORS by Greg Weinstein in his original publications. Damaging the ICA might be fatal for the…

Training and certification for robotic-assisted surgery

Last Monday, October 31, 2022, I was honored to introduce Scott Magnuson (…) at the 6th Congress of European ORL – Head-Neck Surgery that was hed in Milan. He gave a Keynote Lecture on Training and Certification for Robotic-Asssited Surgery. Scott Magnuson is one of the recurrent names that appear regularly in PubMed among the…

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