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Updated May 2023

Mar 2019. FDA clearance SP for TORS.

Sep 2014. FDA clearance for base of tongue resection procedures.

Dec 2009. FDA clearance for TORS.

1995. Intuitive founded with SRI technology transfer of the licenced telemanipulation system

The da Vinci robotic surgery system, through successive generations, has dominated the market of soft-tissue surgical robotics for more than 20 years. Extensive clinical experience has been accumulated. Technology and indications continue to evolve and expand. Keep updated.


Intuitive Surgery
Intuitive learning (restricted access)
Abex (da Vinci in Spain)


J Granell
Robotic Surgeon

I started to perform robotic surgery in year 2013 with the da Vinci S (2nd generation). I directed my first hands-on training course in 2015 with a da Vinci Standard (1st generation). I act as clinical proctor since 2017. I do have experience in experimental and clinical environment with every and each one of the models of the da Vinci.

Before starting my practice in robotic surgery I did have a solid foundation as an oncologic surgeon, both in resective and reconstructive procedures, and also in minimally invasive surgical approaches and endoscopic surgery, with are clues for success in this area of expertise.

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