Computer Motion



Updated May 2023

7 Mar 2003. Acquisition of Computer Motion by Intuitive Surgical.

Sep 2001. Lindberg operation.

1995. Zeus prototype

1992. AESOP. FDA clearance for abdominal surgery in 1994.

1990. Computer Motion Inc. (Goleta, CA) founded.

Computer Motion does no longer exist as a company, but holds a privileged place in the history of Robotic Surgery. Founded in 1990, developed the AESOP (Automatic Endoscopic System for Optical Positioning), which was the first robotic device approved by the FDA (1994) for assistance in abdominal surgeries.

In 1995 the company presented the Zeus prototype. The system included three robotic arms supported in the surgical table and a surgeon´s console for remote manipulation. In September 7, 2001, the mythical Lindberg operation was performed.

In March 7, 2003, Intuitive Surgical and Computer Motion announced a merge agreement. The Zeus project was discontinued and development efforts focused on the da Vinci.



J Granell
Robotic Surgeon

Prior to commencing my venture into robotic surgery, I had established a firm grounding as an oncologic surgeon. My experience encompassed a wide range of resective and reconstructive procedures, as well as proficiency in minimally invasive surgical techniques and endoscopic surgery. These acquired skills and expertise serve as fundamental pillars for achieving success within the realm of robotic surgery.

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