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Updated may 2023

Oct 2021: CE Mark for urologic and gynecologic procedures

Hugo is the device from Medtronic for Robotic Assisted Surgery (RAS). As is follows the concept and the design of the da Vinci, lets remark differences and contributions.

  • The surgeon´s console displays a 3D monitor instead of a visor. The open design allows anyone around to have a 3D view of the surgical field, but requires the use of polarized glasses (also for the surgeon).
  • The patient-side component is split in individual modules for each arm. The philosophy is to “robotize laparoscopic procedures” which should add flexibility but might at the same time miss part of the potential of robotization. Check the set-up for different procedures.
  • The instruments reproduce the da Vinci´s endowrist. The master manipulators have some minor differences. The general feeling is quite similar. Advanced energies are still to come.
  • The Hugo RAS tower (video cart) includes endoscopic technology from Karl Storz and the Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform (Medtronic). It can be used for conventional endoscopic surgery.
  • As a remarkable difference with Intuitive, the device includes a comprehensive solution for recording through an on-line service by Touch Surgery Enterprise. It is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Medtronic (Hugo)

J Granell
Robotic Surgeon

We were expecting the arrival of the Medtronic device for Robotic Assisted Surgery, as is the first real rival for the da Vinci. I do have to thank Medtronic for a personal demo of the device. Eager to see how it works in a clinical setting.

Before starting my practice in robotic surgery I did have a solid foundation as an oncologic surgeon, both in resective and reconstructive procedures, and also in minimally invasive surgical approaches and endoscopic surgery, with are clues for success in this area of expertise.

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