Versius (CMR). Chapter 2.

Individual endoscope and instrument modules have a square footprint of 38cm and weight 100Kg. The arm is built over a column with a platform roughly at the level of a standard table (80cm). Every instrument module is identified with a specific colour code: orange, blue and cyan. The endoscope module has the same basic design with some minor differences, particularly at the end of the arm (we will have an specific post for this).

The arm have to be woken up before positioning. Also, after the procedure, is it put to rest (folded). See how it works.

Rest (fold)
Module lock

When the module is situated in the desired position by the surgical table, it needs to be locked.

This is manual manoeuvrer with a specific button.

A coat-tail will descent in the lower part of the module and it will be locked to the floor.

The button needs to be held until an acoustic signal is heard. For unlocking just press the button.

See other buttons at the module. “ZZZ” is of course for awakening and rest. The circular button with arrow-heads in the four directions is to align every module in the same working direction as the others. Plus (+) and minus (-) buttons modify the height of the platform. It can be raised up to 45 additional centimetres.

The connections panel at the back, down, is quite simple. Energies (monopolar and bipolar) to connect the instrument in the arm as required, and the connection to the console (“in”). There is another connection (“out”) as the modules can support a series connection.

The arm it-self has 3 joints that can be assimilated to shoulder, elbow and wrist (although there is another wrist at the tip of the instrument). The joints are free to move in every direction of the space. The neutral position of the first joint is vertical upwards, so the second joint has to be necessarily arched towards the surgical table. However, depending on the specific approach, the third joint can be arched in the same or in an inverse direction. The first option will be a “C” configuration, and the second a “Z” configuration, which are the only possible ones.

More on the Versius Surgical System. Next.

J Granell. May 26, 2023

Notice. The Versius Surgical System has not the CE mark for Head and Neck Surgery

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