Transoral robotic surgery in children

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Last week we performed the first pediatric transoral robotic surgery. A very special young patient with severe sleep apnea underwent conventional adenotonsillectomy but symptoms did persist. Due to patient´s characteristics CPAP was not an option. On drug induced sleep endoscopy a severe colapse produced by enlarged lingual tonsils was observed. Therefore lingual tonsillectomy was proposed.

There is very few experience with pediatric TORS. As far as we know the only published series for OSAS is from the Children´s Hospital of Pittsburg1. There are some other few case reports on pediatric Head&Neck robotic surgery2,3,4,5.

Performing TORS on a patient under 25 kg was a challenge. Particularly with the 8mm endowrist of the da Vinci Xi. Also we were unable to get the right blade for the mouthgag. But the procedure was uneventful. We discharged the patient the next day on normal oral diet. Immediate clinical improvement was observed. Waiting for the control PSG.

Thank you to all the colleagues in the three hospitals in Madrid that did participate.

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