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How to build a H&N Robotic Surgery Program

More than ten years going-on and helping to build head&neck robotic surgery programs all over the Country. Learn from our experience.

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The key is determination. But certain circumstances in the environment are required. Robotic Surgery does not happen as an isolated phenomenon.

Of course you should need a robotic surgical system. But this is an strategic decision that would be taken somewhere else. If there is a competent management at your hospital, some kind of Robotic Surgery Committee will be built and decisions are to be taken there. There is where the H&N Robotic Surgery Program would fit. But also, and due to the indications in H&N Surgery, the existence of a multidisciplinary H&N Cancer Committee and a Sleep Disorders Committee are desirable.

Next you should go through a training and credentialing process. This has been changing over time. Legal issues in every country are to be taken into account. Ultimately it is the decision of the hospital management (ideally through the Robotic Surgery Committee). Basically there is a learning part on the device, still highly dependent on the manufacturer, and a surgical technique part, more and more centred on experienced surgical teams.

And finally the actual program. You will find a million details to be taken care of. You might find some support here.


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